Services a Solicitor Provides within Industrial, Conveyancing and Business Law


Conveyancing through professionals is meant to take the stress out of legal matters you must deal with. A solicitor is trained in achieving the best results for the involved parties quicker, with maximum of effect, and also provides advice in certain areas of law.


These areas are:

Commercial Leases: disputes, lease negotiation, variations, assignments of lease, lease litigation, landlord and tenant, breach and surrender of lease, retail leases and more.

Other Property Law: sale conveyancing, private sale or auction, purchase conveyancing through pre-contractual advice, residential conveyancing, subdivisions etc.


Civil Litigation

Business Law Advice and Proceedings – commercial agreements and business matters, business sale and purchase – where negotiation of term and settlement are most important.

Dispute Mediation and Resolution


Employment Law – contract and unfair dismissal.


Solicitors will provide you with the expert help you need and a high-quality service. Moreover, they have a personal approach to the clients’ needs, even when the case is centred on business issues. Whichever the particular requirements, solicitors are able to create perfectly tailored solutions. Some of the most popular services are: preparing the contract for land sale, investigating such contracts, negotiating with the other party, making and checking building reports, ordering all necessary property searches.


Business Law Help

Running any business requires law awareness. It is a highly complicated domain, however, and legal obligations are not always clear. Who doesn’t know the law can’t protect their business. This is why specialised legal services exist. These are tailored to the specific needs of the business clients. Even those who are barely starting can benefit of such services. Solicitors assist private owned companies, whether small, medium or large. Thanks to commercial law, corporate law, property law and franchising knowledge, clients will be assisted in the following: selling or buying businesses, assets and shares, litigation and disputes resolution, trade practises, trade marks, succession planning, Corporations Act etc.


Commercial and Corporate Law Help

Regardless of the industry, a business can become a solicitor’s client. To offer relevant and practical advice, the professional or the company makes an effort to know the specific traits and goals of the business they are dealing with. Clients will get help with selling and buying a business, setting it up, restructuring, with partnerships and joint ventures, contracts and transactions, corporate compliance, acquisitions, equity and debt, as well as with trade practices. Other connected services are the forming or acquiring of new companies, partnership dissolution, intellectual property matters, funding agreements etc.


A Solicitor’s Duties before an Agreement Is Reached

A solicitor protects all your interests when you buy or sell property. The settlement process is made smooth and clients receive guidance and stay informed throughout its entire duration. When a solicitor is hired, the property purchase is finalised in a much shorter time also. All legal work, paperwork and phone calls are being taken care of. The contract will be reviewed and checked for mistakes, and amendments can be negotiated. The title for the property can be searched and investigated, bringing all relevant matters to the client’s attention before any decision is taken.


When Things Go Wrong

An acquired property may prove to be different than what was initially presented. There could be active restrictions against future building extensions, unknown right and obligations, as well as hidden factors that won’t let one reap all the expected benefits. A solicitor addresses such issues before contracts are exchanged, but this isn’t possible all the time. Even when one such issue has emerged, clients can receive practical advice and guidance.


Glenn Duker is a lawyer who advises landlords and tenants in relation to the issues which relate to the industrial premises.


This includes:

  • Commercial Leases (all aspects, both retail and non-retail);
  • Compliance with Essential Safety Measures.


This site is designed to provide landlords and tenants with general information about the these matters.

For articles about retail leasing, please visit: Industrial Premises Lease Blog.

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