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Many people don’t realise how complex retail and commercial leases can be; unlike their residential counterparts, commercial leases are heavily customised to individual situations and may contain a number of clauses with far-reaching implications. If not properly assessed or negotiated, your lease can be laden with potential problems.


As commercial lease laws are a highly regulated and complex, it’s important to seek legal advice from an experienced commercial lawyer before you sign. A lawyer can help you understand the terms of the lease before you enter into an agreement, avoiding costly mistakes that could put your new business at risk.


Lawyer and solicitor Glenn Duker offers expert legal advice in all commercial lease matters and property law, offering advice and assistance in the following areas:


  • lease negotiation (including rental, transfers, duration, exit and renewal option)
  • disputes
  • variations
  • assignments of lease
  • lease litigation
  • licensing arrangements
  • breach and surrender of lease
  • retail leases


He also offers legal advice on matters concerning property law. These include:

  • sale conveyancing
  • private sale or auction
  • purchase conveyancing through pre-contractual advice,
  • residential conveyancing
  • subdivisions, and more.
  • Property Law and Commercial Leases with Glenn Duker


Glenn Duker will provide you with a high-quality service and the expert help you need. As we understand that each case is unique, we apply a personal approach to meet all of our clients’ needs. No matter whether you’re the tenant or landlord, you can depend on lawyer and solicitor Glenn Duker to achieve the best outcome for your interests.


Some of our most popular services include:

  • preparing the contract for land sale
  • investigating contracts
  • negotiating with the other party
  • making and checking building reports
  • ordering all necessary property searches
  • Business Law Advice


Running any business requires knowledge and awareness of the law. It is a highly complicated domain, however, and legal obligations are not always clear. Those who don’t know the law can’t protect their business, which is why specialised legal services exist. Legal advice is tailored to the specific needs of business clients, and even those who are just starting can benefit from such services.


Our solicitors can assist privately owned companies of all sizes in the following areas:

  • selling or buying businesses
  • assets and shares
  • litigation and disputes resolution
  • trade practises
  • trademarks
  • succession planning
  • Corporations Act etc.


Ensure you’re protecting your business by understanding the law. Call lawyer and solicitor Glenn Duker in Melbourne today for expert legal advice on commercial leases, as well as business and property law matters.

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