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Running a business successfully requires a mix of talents as well as a sound understanding of commercial laws. As business matters can be fraught with complexities, meticulous care must be taken as even a seemingly simple decision can be a make or break for your company.;


This is why you need the expertise of a skilled, trained and experienced business and commercial lawyer such as Glenn Duker. An experienced solicitor will ensure no harm is done to your business when a decision is made, while offering effective strategies and advice.


To ensure relevant, timely and practical legal advice, solicitor Glenn Duker will endeavour to understand the specific traits and goals of your business and the industry it operates in. He will then tailor his services to your specific needs.


Glenn DukerHe offers corporate advice and specialises in a variety of areas including commercial property law, including:

  • selling and buying a businessGlenn Duker
  • setting up a new business
  • restructuring
  • partnerships and joint ventures
  • contracts and transactions
  • corporate compliance
  • acquisitions
  • equity and debt
  • trade practices

Furthermore, he offers services in these related matters:

  • the forming or acquiring of new companies
  • partnership dissolution
  • intellectual property matters
  • funding agreements, and more

Experience and Expertise

Lawyer and solicitor Glenn Duker has years of experience dealing in commercial and property law. You can be assured that extreme care is taken in every aspect, as contracts are thoroughly reviewed for mistakes and clauses that will have a negative impact on your business.


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