Important Things to Consider in Searching For Industrial Premises

When searching for industrial premises there are a number of things which should be considered. There is the choice of leasing or making an outright purchase but, in either case, care needs to be taken in order that there are no regrets later. This is when the services of a commercial real estate broker should be utilised.


Find a Real Estate Agent

Care needs to be taken when choosing a real estate agent. Therefore, it is always a good idea to check out several, prior to making contact. This is simple to do with today’s high-tech world and can help avoid later problems regarding the property.


Adequate Transportation

When looking at prospective locations, check the availability of nearby highways if you have a lot of shipping to do. Easy on-off access can make it simple to quickly manage transport.


In addition, if you are trucking, always check the surrounding area to see if the road conditions are adequate. Be sure there will be sufficient parking for both employees and customers.


Allow Expansion Room

Many businesses have found themselves in a space that doesn’t leave room for expansion. Therefore, planning ahead and ensuring that you have adequate space for now and in the future is always a good idea. Until expansion is needed, any excess space can be leased or sublet out, which will be an additional source of income.


Look At Utilities

Obvious things to consider are utilities, internet access, and how much power is available with the needed connections to operate your equipment. Your real estate agent will have this information on hand. When first making contact with the agent, having a complete list of needs will answer these questions.


Some industrial premises, such as an industrial park, have specific rules and restrictions. These should be carefully reviewed, whether leasing or purchasing. In any case, it is prudent to never sign any papers prior to consulting with a lawyer first. This article is the opinion of Glenn Duker only and does not constitute legal advice.

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