Finding Your First Office

Most of us have moved house at least once and know how much work goes into finding the perfect place: you inspect property after property, assessing a variety of conditions that will ultimately help you make your decision. Factors like location, rent, size, car parking and nearby amenities are all important to consider as they will make or break your living situation.


The same factors are equally as important when searching for an office location – especially if it’s your first office. Whether you’re looking to lease two floors of a multi-storey office complex or just need a simple office in a shopping mall, here are some tips from experienced commercial lease lawyer Glenn Duker to help you find a first office that you’ll be happy with.


How much space do you want?

Commercial leases are more often than not determined by the square metre, so you want to make sure your office space is just right: not so big that it burns a hole in your wallet, but with enough room to reconfigure if and when you wish to grow your business. If you try to cut costs by hiring the smallest office you can, you’ll only have to go through the hassle of searching for another office when the time comes to expand. It can be a very fine line.


What kind of space do you want?

Would you prefer a conventional CBD office block or a more relaxed, open plan warehouse? Or perhaps something that lies somewhere between the two? There are plenty of other points to consider too, like whether you need the office space to come furnished; whether the facilities are sufficient for the number of staff you have; if there’s enough room for all your IT and telecommunications equipment and whether or not you require meeting rooms.


Location location location!

While it might be tempting to look for an office as close as possible to the city, if not in the city itself, bear in mind that rent prices for commercial properties in the city are typically much higher than those in the suburbs. So you’ll need to weigh up whether being in the CBD is a priority at this stage. If you decide to go further out, you will need to consider things like accessibility to public transport for employees travelling to and from work, what nearby businesses constitute your ‘neighbours’ and if there are sufficient amenities in the area for yourself and your employees.


Most importantly, if there’s one time you need to read the fine print on a document you’re about to sign, it’s now. A commercial lease specialist like solicitor Glenn Duker can provide you with the necessary legal advice you need when committing to your first office so you can ensure the experience is a positive one.

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